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Holy Cross History Conference Presentation

There have been more than 300 research presentations given at the Annual Holy Cross History Conference over the years. Copies of the presentations are held within the Archives of the Sisters of the Holy Cross at St. Mary’s. Some presentations were not submitted and some were given in a media form. The written presentation have all been digitized, and CD’s of them have been provided to the Archives Centers of each Congregation or Province for the benefit of active members of the Association [Note: The annual membership is just $5.00]. Presentations can be obtained by contacting your Archives Center or the Midwest Province Archives Center at:

The presentations have been organized in the following table by year,  but sortable by each column header (click on the column header name) or by typing in the search box in the upper right.  This makes it easier for any future author to learn what topics have been presented and what needs to be written to expand the knowledge of the entire Holy Cross Family of Priests, Sisters and Brothers.

Click on the link in the CODE column to view the paper in .PDF format.

If interested in obtaining a particular paper, be sure to include the “CODE” (i.e. 2006-3) which indicates the date of the presentation and document number.


Holy Cross History Conferences
1982-1Fr James Connelly, CSCMoreau Sem, ND, INH.C. in Amer: First 25 years 1841-66 [paper lost!]Prs & Brs Min
1982-2Br Richard Daly, CSCMoreau Sem, ND, INBeginnings of H. C. Bros in California 1941--1965Brs Min
1982-3Br William Dunn, CSCMoreau Sem, ND, INEarly Years of H.C. in Texas 1870--1900Brs Min
1982-4Sr Madeleline Hebert, MSCMoreau Sem, ND, INEarly History of Marianites in LouisianaSis Min
1982-5Sr M Campion Kuhn, CSCMoreau Sem, ND, INHoly Cross in Philadelphia 1856--1865Sis Min
1982-6Sr Louise Parent, CSCMoreau Sem, ND, INMission of Sisters of H.C. in New EnglandSis Min
1982-7Sr Maria Assunta Werner, CSCMoreau, Sem, ND, INSr M Madeleva: Her Life and Work [Slides; no paper]Sis Indiv
1983-1Sr Mariam Ann Cunningham, CSCMoreau, Sem, ND, INSisters of Holy Cross in UtahSis Min
1983-2Fr Richard Desharnais, CSCMoreau, Sem, ND, INEasterners Among Bros and Priests, 1841--1945Prs & Brs Min
1983-3Dr. Anne KearneyMoreau, Sem, ND, INJames A. Burns, CSC Molder of MenPrs Indiv
1983-4Sr M Campion Kuhn, CSCMoreau, Sem, ND, INThe Sisters go East and StaySis Min
1983-5Br Maurus O'Malley, CSCMoreau, Sem, ND, INHoly Cross Brothers in BrooklynBrs Min
1983-6Fr Christopher J. O'Toole, CSCMoreau, Sem, ND, INReflections on 63 Years in Holy CrossPrs Indiv
1983-7Sr Catherine Poirier, CSCMoreau, Sem, ND, INCanadian H.C. and its New England OffshootSis Min
1984-1Br William Dunn, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INHoly Cross in Texas 1900--1925Prs & Brs Min
1984-2Sr Margaret Gravel, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INH.C. Sisters in Alaska, The Last FrontierSis Min
1984-3Fr Jacques Grisé, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INThe Cause of Fr Moreau, A New PerspectivePrs Indiv
1984-4Sr M Campion Kuhn, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INSr M Euphrosine: Pioneer and EnigmaSis Indiv
1984-5Fr Thomas Shea, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INHoly Cross in Peru: Another FrontierPrs & Brs Min
1984-6Sr Maria Assunta Werner, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INHoly Cross in Deming, New MexicoSis Min
1985-1Fr James T. Connelly, CSCKing's Col, W-B, PAPresident's Address: H.C.: Charism and HistoryPrs & Brs Min
1985-2Fr Richard Desharnais, CSCKing's Col, W-B, PALay Cooperation in Eastern Priests' ProvincePrs Min
1985-3Sr M Campion Kuhn, CSCKing's Col, W-B, PAAmericanization of Sisters of the Holy CrossSis Min
1985-4Fr Robert McKee, CSCKing's Col, W-B, PAHoly Cross P.O.W.s in Philippines, 1941--1945Prs & Brs Min
1985-5Br Maurus O'Malley, CSCKing's Col, W-B, PA1st Foundations of H.C. Pr, Bros in Eastern USPrs & Brs Min
1985-6Sr M Ita O'Sullivan, MSCKing's Col, W-B, PANew York Marianites: The First Fifty YearsSis Min
1985-7Br Donald Stabrowski, CSCKing's Col, W-B, PARev. Valentine Czyzewski, CSC: Immigrant PastorPrs Indiv
1985-8Sr James Vezeau, CSCKing's Col, W-B, PAFoundation, Mission: ND College, Manchester NHSis Min
1986-1Ms Mary Blanche BolandSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXGreening Memory of John R. Boland, CSCPrs Min
1986-2Sr M Georgia Costin CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXThe Finest and Most Elevated PlaceHistory
1986-3Br Franklin Cullen CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXH.C. on the Gold Dust Trail -1850 Expedition to CABrs Min
1986-4Br Stanley Culotta, CSC St. Ed's U, Austin, TXHoly Cross in San AntonioBrs Min
1986-5Sr Madeleline S. Hebert, MSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXAlways Cajun, Always Catholic, Always FarmerHistory
1986-6Br Fisher Iwasko, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXCrux Spes Unica--Motto & Triumph in New OrleansBrs Min
1986-7Sr Maria Assunta Werner, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXSplendid Little War-Srs of the H.C. in Span-Amer. WarSis Min
1986-8Dr. Henry AltmillerSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXSt. Edward's One Hundred Years [Slide Show]Institution
1986-9Sr Claire M DeBoeuf, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXNew Life Dwelling Place: Present Need [No Copy]Sis Min
1987-1Fr James Connelly, CSCND Col, Manchest, NHBp Luers and Autonomy of Sisters of the Holy CrossSis Min
1987-2Sr M Georgia Costin CSCND Col, Manchest, NHBeginnings in Amer: Bertrand Years, 1843--1853Sis Min
1987-3Br Franklin Cullen CSCND Col, Manchest, NHH.C. in Black Hills: Dakota Apostolates, 1878--1897Prs-Brs Min
1987-4Fr Richard Desharnais, CSCND Col, Manchest, NHParochial Mininistry in Eastern Pr Prov, 1934 to nowPrs Min
1987-5Sr Kay Hennessy, CSCND Col, Manchest, NHThe History of the Solitude of Le MansPrs-Brs Min
1987-6Fr Joseph Kehoe, CSCND Col, Manchest, NHLegacy of Fr Andrew Morrissey, CSCPrs Indiv
1987-7Sr M Campion Kuhn, CSCND Col, Manchest, NHMother M. Augusta, First Amer. Superior GeneralSis Indiv
1987-8Br Maurus O'Malley, CSCND Col, Manchest, NHBr Ephrem (Dennis Patrick) O'Dwyer, CSC (1888-1978)Brs Indiv
1987-9Sr Joel Sperier, MSCND Col, Manchest, NHMarianite Prisoners of War. Dec 1940--Aug 1944Sis Min
1987-10Sr Eveline Swaile, CSCND Col, Manchest, NHEarly Years of the Sistrs of H.C. in CanadaSis Min
1988-1Sr Charlotte M Bayhouse, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INH.C. Foreign Mission Convent: Early CollaborationSis Min
1988-2Fr James Connelly, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INH.C. in New Orleans: The Crisis of 1850--1854Prs-Brs Min
1988-4Sr M Georgia Costin CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INFrom Bertrand to St. Mary's --1853--1855Sis Min
1988-4Sr Vivian M Coulon, MSCSt. Mary's, ND, INMother Mary Xavier: The Lady and Her LegacySis Indiv
1988-5Dr Anne KearneySt. Mary's, ND, INPaul J. Foik, CSC -- Librarian at Notre DamePrs Indiv
1988-6Fr Joseph Kehoe, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INThe Holy Cross Mission BandPrs Min
1988-7Sr M Campion Kuhn, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INGarden Spot: Sacred Heart Academy, Lancaster PASis Min
1988-8Fr Thomas Shea, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INHistory of Holy Cross Colaboration in PeruPrs-Brs Min
1989-1Fr Henry Bernard, CSDCStonehill Col, MA.Br Flavian Laplante, The Br Andre of BangladeshBrs Indiv
1989-2Fr James Connelly, CSCStonehill Col, MA.An Eastern Province in 1938Prs-Brs Min
1989-3Br Franklin Cullen CSCStonehill Col, MA.Sacred Heart College, Watertown, WIPrs-Brs Min
1989-4Fr Leandre Frechet, CSCStonehill Col, MA.Holy Cross in Rome an ItalyPrs-Brs Min
1989-5Sr Gertrude Gagnier, CSCStonehill Col, MA.Paul Harvey Library, St Joseph Hall, Manchester,NHSis Min
1989-6Fr Joseph Kehoe, CSCStonehill Col, MA.St Joseph's College, Cincinnati, OHPrs-Brs Min
1989-7Fr Bernard Lafreniere, CSCStonehill Col, MA.Holy Cross in France -- Our RootsPrs-Brs Min
1989-8Sr Graziella Lalande, CSCStonehill Col, MA.Mother M of 7 Dolours and Moreau CollaboratorSis Indiv
1989-9Sr Adriene Milotte, CSCStonehill Col, MA.The Canadian Branch of Holy Cros in BhutanPrs Indiv
1989-10Br John Paige, CSCStonehill Col, MA.The Identity of the Religious Brother in Holy CrossBrs Min
1989-11Fr Augustine Peverada, CSCStonehill Col, MA.Fr Gerald Fitzgerald, CSC/SP, President's AddressPrs-Brs Min
1990-1Fr James Connelly, CSCOur Lady HCC, NO,LAH.C. Congreg. and Schools in U.S 1865-1900Prs-Brs Min
1990-2Sr Madelilne S. Hebert, MSCOur Lady HCC, NO,LAOur Lady of Holy Cross CollegePrs-Brs-Sis
1990-3Fr Leandre Frechet, CSCOur Lady HCC, NO,LAFr Camille Lefebrve: Apostle of AcadiaPrs Indiv
1990-4Sr Graziella Lalande, CSCOur Lady HCC, NO,LAMotherr M Leonie Paradis, Daughter of Fr MoreauSis Indiv
1990-5Sr Lucille Latour, CSCOur Lady HCC, NO,LALittle Handmaids of the ChurchSis Min
1990-6Fr Leo Polselli, CSCOur Lady HCC, NO,LAMoreau and Associates of St JosephPrs-Brs Min
1990-7Sr Cecile Brown, MSCOur Lady HCC, NO,LAMarianites of Holy Cross Assoc Membership ProgramSis Min
1990-8Br Theo Flynn, CSCOur Lady HCC, NO,LABrief History of the Associates of H.C. In PrayerBrs Min
1990-9Sr Doris Oellette, CSCOur Lady HCC, NO,LAAssociate Members of ther Sisters of Holy CrossSis Min
1990-10Fr. Paul Marceau, CSCOur Lady HCC, NO,LAHoly Cross Associates of the Indiana ProvincePrs-Brs Min
1990-11Ms Leslie LeMay, associateOur Lady HCC, NO,LAA Changing World: The Associates' ResponseSis Min
1990-12Sr Mary Ita O'SullivanOur Lady HCC, NO,LABorn of Persecution -- Totterville 1904Sis Min
1990-14Sr M. Campion Kuhn, CSCOur Lady HCC, NO,LAMother M. Rose Elizabeth, CSCSis Indiv
1990-14Sr M. Georgia Costin, CSCOur Lady HCC, NO,LAThe Disastrous Visit: 1855Prs-Brs Min
1990-15Sr Joel Sperier, MSCOur Lady HCC, NO,LAThe Academy: Heart and HomeSis Min
1991-1Dr Thomas J. SchlerethHoly Cross Col, ND,INHistory of Holy Cross at Notre Dame [No Copy]Prs-Brs Min
1991-2Sr M Georgia Costin CSCHoly Cross Col, ND,INHailandiere of Vincennes: His Views on Women ReligiousSis Min
1991-3Sr Evelyn Eason, MSCHoly Cross Col, ND,INCrossing the BoundariesSis Min
1991-2Sr Graziella Lalande, CSCHoly Cross Col, ND,INSisters of Holy Cross: Founded in France and in CanadaSis Min
1991-5Fr Joseph Kehoe, CSCHoly Cross Col, ND,INHoly Cross Seminary, 1889--1967Prs Min
1991-6Br George Klawitter, CSCHoly Cross Col, ND,INJuniorate of Brothers at Watertown, WI: 1886--1966Brs Min
1991-7Margaret May Miller ZennerHoly Cross Col, ND,INSara Cash, student at St Mary's Academy, in 1870sSis Min
1991-8Sr Maria Assunta Werner, CSCHoly Cross Col, ND,INEliza Allen StarrHistory
1991-9Br Franklin Cullen CSCHoly Cross Col, ND,INCordwood and Calumny: H.C. in Missouri, 1872--1874Prs Min
1991-10Br Donald Stabrowski, CSCHoly Cross Col, ND,INBrickmaking at Notre DameHistory
1992-1Fr Arthur F. WheelerUniv Portland, ORColumbia University, 1914--1922Institution
1992-2Fr Joseph Kehoe, CSCUniv Portland, ORColumbia Preparatory SchoolInstitution
1992-3Fr James T. Connelly, CSCUniv Portland, ORThe Sorin ChroniclesPrs Indiv
1992-4Sr M Campion Kuhn, CSCUniv Portland, OROf the Keeper of the ArchivesSis Indiv
1992-5Fr Richard Gribble, CSCUniv Portland, ORThomas T. McAvoy, CSC: Historian, Archivist, EducatorPrs Indiv
1992-6Fr. Barry J. Hagan, CSCUniv Portland, ORBr David Martin, CSC (1901--1986)Brs Indiv
1992-7Sr Madeleine S Hebert, MSCUniv Portland, ORProposed Federation of Women's Congreg. of Holy CrossSis Min
1992-8Sr M Georgia Costin CSCUniv Portland, ORFr Moreau's Visit to St Mary's, 1857Sis Min
1992-9Sr Mary Jeane Finske, CSCUniv Portland, ORSt Mary's in Transition, Academy to College, 1895--1905Institution
1992-10Br Donald Johnroe, CSCUniv Portland, ORLife of Br Ernest Ryan, CSC, and the Dujarie PressBrs Indiv
1993-1Br David Andrews, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXThe Mission and Ministry of the Brothers of Holy CrossBrs Min
1993-2Br Romard Barthel, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXBros' House of Studies, St Ed's, Austin 1949--1972Brs Min
1993-3Fr Jorge CánepaSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXSt George's College -- 1943--1993:Institution
1993-4Fr James T. Connelly, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXHoly Cross Comunities in the Civil WarPr-Br-Sis
1993-5Fr William J. Crumley, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXFathers, Bros and Sisters in New Orleans: 1850-60Prs-Brs Min
1993-6Br Franklin Cullen CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXPresentation Sisters in HC Apostolates, 1903--1963Sis Min
1993-7Br Donald Johnroe, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXAnecdotal History of Gilmour Academy & Bros of H.C.Brs Min
1993-8Br George Klawitter, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXEarly Correspondence, Bros of St Joseph, 1841-1849Brs Min
1993-9Br Barry Lambour, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXImpact of Technonogy on Holy Cross SpiritualityBrs Min
1993-10Fr Thomas J. Shea, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXHistory of Holy Cross Spirituality in Peru, 1963--1993Prs-Brs Min
1993-11Sr Maria Assunta Werner, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXThe Ave MariaPrs-Brs Min
1993-12Karen Bordelon and Ele. FallsSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXFormer Sisters of the Holy Cross[No Copy]Sis Min
1994-1Fr Bernard Lafreniere, CSCL'Ermitage Sainte-CroixHoly Cross in Canada [Slide Show; no script]Prs-Brs Min
1994-2Sr Graziella Lalande, CSCL'Ermitage Sainte-CroixMother M of St Basil--1st Canadian Superior GeneralSis Min
1994-3Fr Leandre Frechet, CSCL'Ermitage Sainte-CroixHoly Cross in AcadiaPrs Min
1994-4Sr M Georgia Costin CSCL'Ermitage Sainte-CroixSr Mary of the RedemptionSis Min
1994-5Fr Hugh J. MacGillivray, CSCL'Ermitage Sainte-CroixHoly Cross in English Canada (A Brief Overview)Prs-Brs Min
1994-6Fr Jacques Grisé, CSCL'Ermitage Sainte-CroixAlbert Cousineau, First Superior General CanadaPrs Indiv
1994-7Sr Lucie Germain, CSCL'Ermitage Sainte-CroixH.C. Family Collaboration in BangladeshSis Min
1994-8Br Albêric Robert HouleL'Ermitage Sainte-CroixFrere Godefroy Danis, CSC (1900-1963)Brs Indiv
1994-9Br Robert MontcalmL'Ermitage Sainte-CroixFrere Andre at L'Oratoire Saint-JosephBrs Indiv
1994-10Sr Annette Legault, CSCL'Ermitage Sainte-CroixLa Mission Des Soeurs De Sainte-CroixSis Min
1994-11Fr. Claude Grou, CSCL'Ermitage Sainte-CroixBeginnings of H.C. in South India, 1954--1964Prs-Brs Min
1995-1Br George Klawitter, CSCHoly Cross Col, ND, INReadiness to Answer: Br Anselm in IndianaBrs Indiv
1995-2Sr Gertrude Gagnier, CSCHoly Cross Col, ND, INSisters of H.C. Interned Philippines, 1941--1945Sis Min
1995-3Fr Joseph Kehoe, CSCHoly Cross Col, ND, INHoly Cross Military Chaplains in World War IIPrs Indiv
1995-4Br Fulgence Dougherty, CSCHoly Cross Col, ND, INBangladesh War and One Holy Cross BrotherBrs Indiv
1995-5Br Bernard Donahoe, CSCHoly Cross Col, ND, INBrothers of H. C. in 19th Century Parochial SchoolsBrs Min
1995-6Br Philip Armstrong, CSCHoly Cross Col, ND, INEarly 20th-Century Education in U.S.: Role of BrothersBrs Min
1995-7Br Donald Stabrowski, CSCHoly Cross Col, ND, INBr Peter Hosinski, CSC, Pioneer in Sec EducationBrs Indiv
1995-8Fr Barry J. Hagan, CSCHoly Cross Col, ND, INBr Godfrey Vassalio, CSC, Univ of Portland PioneerBrs Indiv
1995-9Sr M Georgia Costin CSCHoly Cross Col, ND, INThe Bros & Sisters: Collaboration That SucceededBrs-Sis Min
1995-10Sr M Campion Kuhn, CSCHoly Cross Col, ND, INMary and the Sisters of the Holy CrossSis Min
1995-11Br Fisher Iwasko, CSCHoly Cross Col, ND, INThree Centennials at H.C. School, New OrleansBrs Min
1995-12Br Richard Gilman, CSCHoly Cross Col, ND, INAddress by the President, Holy Cross CollegeBrs Min
1995-13Br Walter Davenport, CSCHoly Cross Col, ND, INOur Lady's Beggars: The Ave Maria CanvassersHistory
1996-1Fr Richard Gribble, CSCKing's Col, W-B, PAThe Infamous Debt: Stonehill College, 1948--1954Prs-Brs Min
1996-2Br Thomas Corcoran, CSCKing's Col, W-B, PAHistory of the Notre Dame Post OfficePrs-Brs Min
1996-3Dr James WallaceKing's Col, W-B, PAA Coal Miner's Music [Music Video]History
1996-4Dr Paul J. ZbiekKing's Col, W-B, PACoal Mining Heritage NE Penn - Impact on EdnHistory
1996-5Fr Donald Grimes, CSCKing's Col, W-B, PABp Wm J. Hafey, Cong. H.C., Founding King's CollegePrs Min
1996-6Br Thomas Sawyer, CSCKing's Col, W-B, PABeginnings of Holy Cross H.S., Bandura, BangladeshInstitution
1996-7Sr Mary Helen Hecker, MSCKing's Col, W-B, PAWhen the Marianites were in Chile -- 1985--1992Sis Min
1996-8Dr David SyiemliehKing's Col, W-B, PAThe Congregation of H. C. and the Haflong PrefecturePrs Min
1996-9Sr M Campion Kuhn, CSCKing's Col, W-B, PAThe First Hospital: St Mary's Infirmary, Cairo, ILSis Min
1996-10Fr James T. Connelly, CSCKing's Col, W-B, PAH. C. History Assoc: Retrospective, Future PossibilitiesPr-Br-Sis
1997-1Br Donald Allen, CSCND Col, Manchest, NHCollaboration at Mater Ecclesiae Center, Tiberias, IsraelPrs-Brs Min
1997-2Sr Louise A. Auclair, CSCND Col, Manchest, NHHigher Edn in Haiti: Srs of H.C. and Notre Dame CollegeSis Min
1997-3Fr James Chichetto, CSCND Col, Manchest, NHFr Sorin's 1857 Journey to St. LouisPrs Indiv
1997-4Fr James Connelly, CSCND Col, Manchest, NHHoly Cross Goes to Bengal, 1853--1859Prs-Brs Min
1997-5Sr Graziella Lalande, CSCND Col, Manchest, NHRelations Between Frs, Brs, and Sisters in CanadaPr-Br-Sis
1997-6Br John R. Paige, CSCND Col, Manchest, NHH.C. Camp at Deer Park, Maryland: 1930--1945Prs-Brs Min
1997-7Fr Augustine Peverada, CSCND Col, Manchest, NHH. C. in Eastern U.S.: Before 1948: Tracing the RootsPrs-Brs Min
1997-8Dolores Tantoco-StadlerND Col, Manchest, NHRev. Philip S. Moore, CSC and Academic ExcellencePrs Indiv
1998-1Fr Augustine Peverada, CSCStonehill Col, MAThe Eastern Province: A Golden Anniversary MemoirPrs-Brs Min
1998-2Sr Kathryn Callahan, cSCStonehill Col, MAReport of First Ten Years of H.C. Heritage CommitteeSis Min
1998-3Fr James Connelly, CSCStonehill Col, MAHoly Cross in Bengal, 1860--1910. A Matter of SurvivalPrs-Brs Min
1998-4Br William Dunn, CSCStonehill Col, MAHoly Cross in MexicoPrs Min
1998-5Br George Klawitter, CSCStonehill Col, MAHoly Cross in New Orleans: Zeal for OrphansPrs-Brs Min
1998-6Br John R. Paige, CSCStonehill Col, MAHoly Cross at St Leo's College, Fort Potal, UgandaPrs-Brs Min
1998-7Sr M Georgia Costin CSCStonehill Col, MABeginnings in BrazilPr-Br-Sis
1998-8Fr Robert Wiseman, CSCStonehill Col, MAHoly Cross Presence in FloridaPrs Min
1998-9Fr Richard Gribble, CSCStonehill Col, MAShoestring and Prayer: Foundation of Stonehill CollegePrs-Brs Min
1999-1Sr Madeleine S Hebert, MSCLoyola Univ, NO, LAMarianites in Louisiana, One Hundred Fifty YearsSis Min
1999-2Sr Bernadine Hill, MSCLoyola Univ, NO, LAHistory of the Academy of the Holy AngelsInstitution
1999-3Dr Gerald DeLucaLoyola Univ, NO, LAEvolution of Our Lady of Holy Cross College [No paper]Pr-Brs-Sis
1999-4Sr Mary Stephen Manning, MSCLoyola Univ, NO, LAThe Marianites and the French HospitalSis Min
1999-5Br George Klawitter, CSCLoyola Univ, NO, LANew Orleans Orphanage, Farm and Grows into CollegePr-Br-Sis
1999-6Br Shawn Prigget, CSCLoyola Univ, NO, LAHistory of Sacred Heart of Jesus ParishPrs Min
1999-7Sr M Campion Kuhn, CSCLoyola Univ, NO, LASaint Joseph's Home and School, Washington DCInstitution
1999-8Br Philip Armstrong, CSCLoyola Univ, NO, LAHistory of Holy Cross in Ghana, West AfricaBrs Min
2000-1Ms Barbra WallSt. Mary's, ND, INGrace & Pressure: Sisters of the Holy Cross, 1861--1865Sis Min
2000-2Fr Richard Gribble, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INFamily Theater: Fr Patrick Peyton,CSC 1945--1952 Prs Indiv
2000-3Dr David SyiemliehSt. Mary's, ND, INKeeping in Touch: "The Bengalese" MagazineInstitution
2000-4Sr Cecile Charette, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INDevel of Music in H.C. from Canada to New EnglandHistory
2000-5Br Gerald Muller, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INBr Ernest Ryan, CSC: Founder of Dujarie PressBrs Indiv
2000-6Fr James Connelly, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INThe University of Portland and Its Catholic GharacterPrs-Brs Min
2000-7Sr Charlotte Marie Bayhouse, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INSaint Catherine-by-the-Sea: A Unique AdventureSis Min
2000-8Br Donald Johnroe, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INThe History of Columba HallInstitution
2000-9Br George Klawitter, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INBrother Gatian: Nemesis in AmericaBrs Indiv
2001-1Fr Barry J. Hagan, CSCUniv Portland, ORPresidency of Rev. Louis Kelley, CSC at Columbia UnivPrs Indiv
2001-2Fr Richard Gribble, CSCUniv Portland, ORSecond H. C. Saint? Fr Patrick Peyton, CSCPrs Indiv
2001-3Br Gerald Muller, CSCUniv Portland, ORA Portrait of Br Dunstan BowlesBrs Indiv
2001-4Br Donald Stabrowski, CSCUniv Portland, ORThe Founders of Holy Trinity Schools, Chicago. ILBrs Min
2001-5Sr Charlotte M Bayhouse, CSCUniv Portland, ORSrs of the H. C. in Colorado, Idaho and CA, 19th CentSis Min
2001-6Sr M Georgia Costin CSCUniv Portland, ORThe Sisters of the Holy Cross in Brazil, 1947--1980Sis Min
2001-7Fr James Connelly, CSCUniv Portland, ORCo-education at the University of PortlandPrs-Brs Min
2002-1Sr M Campion Kuhn, CSCWash, DC - Retreat HSrs of the H. C. Early History in BaltimoreSis Min
2002-2Br Robert Gilroy, CSCWash, DC - Retreat HA Biography of Vince F.G.McAloonHistory
2002-3Sr Adriene Milotte, CSCWash, DC - Retreat HHC in New England & M Mary of St Basile, MSC-CSCSis Min
2002-4Br Gerald Muller, CSCWash, DC - Retreat HA Boography of Fr Louis J. PutzPrs Indiv
2002-5Sr Joel Sperier, MSCWash, DC - Retreat HSr Mary of Calvary, Eldest Daughter of MoreauSis Indiv
2002-6Sr Dorothy Anne Cahill,CSCWash, DC - Retreat HThe "First House" at Catholic UniversityInstitution
2002-7Mr Bill JordanWash, DC - Retreat HAgriculture in H.C.: With a Focus on St. Joseph's FarmInstitution
2002-8Mr Daniel F. CurtinWash, DC - Retreat HSt Paul's Acad/Mackin HS, Washington, DC 1887-1989Institution
2002-9Br Maurus O'Malley, CSCWash, DC - Retreat HA Biography of Br Gonzaga Day, CSCBrs Indiv
2002-10Br Robert Fontaine, CSCWash, DC - Retreat H40 Years of Service to Pius XII Youth & Family ServicesBrs Min
2002-11Fr Barry J. Hagan, CSCWash, DC - Retreat HAt H.C. College, 1956--1960: Holy Cross SeminaryPrs Indiv
2003-1Sr M Campion Kuhn, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXIn Keeping with the Needs of TimeSis Min
2003-2Br John R. Paige, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXRecent Endeavours in H.C., Bugembe, Jinja, UgandaPrs Min
2003-3Fr James Connelly, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXThe Many Lives of Basil MoreauPrs Indiv
2003-4Sr Cecile Charette, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXBr Andrê as Perceived by Religious WomenBrs Indiv
2003-5Fr Thomas J. Shea, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXRecurring Themes in Letters of the Superiors GeneralPrs Min
2003-6Sr Bernadine Hill, MSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXMarianites 1st Move: New Orleans to Plaquemine, LASis Min
2003-7Sr May David Hecker, MSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXMarianites of H.C. in the Diocese of AlexandriaSis Min
2003-8Br John McLaughlin, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXSt John Bosco Center, Spokane, WA & Rancho San Ant., CABrs Min
2003-9Br Richard Daly, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXJohn Edwad McCarthy, 3rd Bishop of Austin, Friend of H. C.History
2003-10Br Gerald Muller, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXA Biography of Br Hilarion Brezik, CSCBrs Indiv
2004-1Mr John McMullenEvansville, INHistory of Catholicism in Evansville and CountyInstitution
2004-2Mr Robert DayEvansville, INBishop Brutê and de la HailandiereHistory
2004-3Sr Eileen Ann Kelley, SPEvansville, INBuilding Relationships in the Diocese of Vincennes, INHistory
2004-4Sr Mary Roger Madden, SPEvansville, INProvidence and Cross-Jacques Fr Dujarié (1767--1838)History
2004-5Mr John GalvinEvansville, INSt Michael the Archangel ChurchHistory
2004-6Mr Robert D. NewlandEvansville, INFinding Brother AnselmBrs Indiv
2005-1Fr James Connelly, CSCTechny Towers, ILH.C. in Chicago, 1856--1861 - The First Time AroundHistory
2005-2Sr Geraldine M Hoyler, CSCTechny Towers, ILH.C. Sisters in Chicago: Saint TheodoreSis Indiv
2005-3Fr Christopher A. Kuhn, CSCTechny Towers, ILNotre Dame HS: The tradition takes Hold, 1949--1958Prs Min
2005-4Br Richard Shea, CSCTechny Towers, ILH.C. Brothers at River Grove, H.C. High School, 1961--2004Brs Min
2005-5Sr Cecile Charette, CSCTechny Towers, ILNotre Dame College: Its Life, Mission, ImpactSis Min
2005-6Br Gerald Muller, CSCTechny Towers, ILHoly Trinity HS and Alumnus, Br Jeremias Mysliwiec, CSCBrs Indiv
2005-7Br George Klawitter, CSCTechny Towers, ILLetters from Africa: Testament of Br André MontraisBrs Indiv
2006-1Br George Klawitter, CSCMoreau, Sem, ND, INHoly Cross in Algeria in the 1840'sBrs Min
2006-2Sr Pushpa Teresa Gomes, CSCMoreau, Sem, ND, INHoly Cross Sisters Found Religious Com. in BangladeshSis Min
2006-3Fr Thomas Shea, CSCMoreau, Sem, ND, INH. C. in the Prelature of Juli (Puno), Peru, 1981--2004Prs Min
2006-4Br Ronald Drahozal, CSCMoreau, Sem, ND, INMinistering to Drug Addicts in BangladeshBrs Min
2006-5Br Ronald Hein, CSCMoreau, Sem, ND, INThree Urchins in Brazil [CD only]Brs Min
2006-6Ms Jessie EmbryMoreau, Sem, ND, INLDS (Mormon) Students at Holy Cross Hospital in the 1930sSis Min
2006-7Fr Steve Gibson, cSCMoreau, Sem, ND, INHoly Cross Media Ministries [Media; no paper]Prs Min
2006-8Br Philip Armstrong, CSCMoreau, Sem, ND, INHoly Cross Village at Notre DameBrs Min
2007-1Br Robert Gilroy, CSCStonehill Col, MABr Marcian Karsky, CSC, First Principal of Msgr Coyle HS Brs Indiv
2007-2Fr Alfred D'Alonzo, CSCStonehill Col, MAStory of Fr William Evans, Missioner and MartyrPrs Indiv
2007-3Mr John SilitoStonehill Col, MAMy Happiest Mission, Madeleva in Ogden, 1919--1926History
2007-4Br Gerald Muller, CSCStonehill Col, MABr John Baptist Titzer: Frounder, 1st Provincial, SW Prov.Brs Indiv
2007-5Fr Marc Smith, CSCStonehill Col, MABeginnings of H. C. in Higher Edn in New BrunswickPrs Min
2007-6Mrs Laetitia RhatiganStonehill Col, MAThe Christology of Basil Anthony Moreau, CSCPrs Indiv
2007-7Br George Klawitter, CSCStonehill Col, MABr Leonard Guittoger, CSC: Prophet or Fool?History
2007-8Fr William Blum, CSCStonehill Col, MAHoly Cross in East Africa, 1957--2007Prs Min
2007-9Fr James Connelly, CSCStonehill Col, MAThe Spiritual Legacy of Gilbert FrancaisPrs Indiv
2007-10Fr James Denn, CSCStonehill Col, MAJames W. Donohue, CSC First American Sup GeneralPrs Indiv
2008-1Ms Jessie EmbrySalt Lake City, UTReflections of Holy Cross Hospital Nursing SchoolHistory
2008-2Msgr J. Terrence FitzgeraldSalt Lake City, UTOverview of Sisters of the Holy Cross in UtahSis Min
2008-3Sr Mary Jeane Finske, CSCSalt Lake City, UTHow, Why and When the Sisters Came to UtahSis Min
2008-4Ms Jessie EmbrySalt Lake City, UTWe'll Frind a Place': Mormon History and TeachingHistory
2008-5Dr Fred WoodsSalt Lake City, UTCatholic-Mormon Rel in Utah: 19th & 20th CenturiesHistory
2008-6Sr Kathryn Callahan, CSCSalt Lake City, UTSisters of the Holy Cross and OrphansSis Min
2008-7Dr Kathleen WilburnSalt Lake City, UTCreating a College for Women at St Edward's UnivInstitution
2008-8Ms Mary Ann NovakSalt Lake City, UTRevisiting: Life and Death of Fr Richard J. Novak, CSCPrs Indiv
2008-9Fr Wilfrid Murchland, CSCSalt Lake City, UTHoly Cross in the Province of AlbertaPrs Min
2008-10Sr Mary Ann Pajakowski, CSCSalt Lake City, UTSisters of the Holy Cross in Park City [Slides; no paper]Sis Min
2009-1Kathleen WilburnSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXMaryhill College at St. Ed's University, Part IIInstitution
2009-2Br Gerald Muller, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXSt. Edward's University CharactersBrs Indiv
2009-3Fr James Connelly, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXThe Men of Holy Cross in France, 1869-1903History
2009-4Christopher OchoaSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXHistory of Priestly Formation at Univ N.D., 1842-1958History
2009-5Fr J VandenBossche, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXHistory of the Mexican MissionsHistory
2009-6Marilyn SchultzSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXHoly Cross in Texas, a DVD [DVD, no paper]History
2009-7Br Larry Stewart, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXThe Gervais Brothers: Bernie and BennyBrs Indiv
2009-8Terry NewtonSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXOral History at St. Edward's University [DVD, no paper]Brs Indiv
2009-9John PeckSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXHe Changed Us All: Rev Joseph E. Payne, CSCPrs Indiv
2009-10Fr David Burrell, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXTravels with John Zahm: Communal and Personal StoryPrs Indiv
2009-11Laetitia RhatiganSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXServant of God, Patrick J. Peyton, CSC [no copy provided]Prs Indiv
2009-12Sr Eileen Dewsnup, CSCSt. Ed's U, Austin, TXSisters of the Holy Cross in TexasSrs Min
2009-13Most Rev John McCarthySt. Ed's U, Austin, TXHoly Cross in Little Texas Towns [Dinner talk, no paper]Prs Min
2010-1Sr Kathryn Callahan, CSCHoly Cross Coll, ND,INEarly Presidents of Saint Mary's College, 1844-1931Srs Min
2010-2Br Vianney St-Michel, CSCHoly Cross Coll, ND,IN141 Years in Brother Andre's Home TownHistory
2010-3Sr Cecile Charette, CSCHoly Cross Coll, ND,INSymphonic Poem: World of Sister Eva Ledoux, CSCSrs Indiv
2010-4William Kevin CawleyHoly Cross Coll, ND,INCatholic Research Resources Alliance [internet demo]Information
2010-5Br James Newberry, CSCHoly Cross Coll, ND,INBr Charles Borromeo Harding (1838-1922)Brs Indiv
2010-6Br Larry Stewart, CSCHoly Cross Coll, ND,INBr Alan McNeill, his life of humility and serviceBrs Indiv
2010-7Fr James Denn, CSCHoly Cross Coll, ND,ING Chap-1932; Donahue prevents separation [no paper]History
2010-8Fr John VandenBossche, CSCHoly Cross Coll, ND,INPoetry of Very Rev. Christopher J. O'Toole, CSCPrs Indiv
2010-9Br George Klawitter, CSCHoly Cross Coll, ND,INBr Hilarion Fenton, CSC (1817-1849)Brs Indiv
2010-10Sr Maureen Rooney, CSCHoly Cross Coll, ND,INSr Hildegardis and Sisters Schools in Western USSrs Indiv
2011-introBr. Larry Stewart, CSCUsruline Col, PepPk,OHIntroduction at Opening of Conference
2011-1Laetitia RhatiganUsruline Col, PepPk,OHMarian Spirituality of Fr Patrick Peyton, CSCPrs Indiv
2011-2Br Richard Daly, CSCUrsuline Col, PepPk,OHBr Lambert Barbier, Pract. of Cath Social TeachingBrs Indiv
2011-3Sr Mary David Hecker, MSCUrsuline Col, PepPk,OHWhom Shall I Send: Sr Clarita Bourque, MSCSrs Indiv
2011-4Br Larry Stewart, CSCUrsuline Col, PepPk,OHBr Theophane Schmitt, Multi-Talented ExemplarBrs Indiv
2011-5Fr James Connelly, CSCUrsuline Col, PepPk,OHFr Narcisse Hupier: Reluctant but Faithful ReligiousPrs Indiv
2011-6Sr Clarita Bourque, MSCUrsuline Col, PepPk,OHHoly Cross Version of St Paul: Sr Judy Gomila, MSCSrs Indiv
2011-7Fr John VandenBossche, CSCUrsuline Col, PepPk,OHBr Columba O'Neill: Miracle Man of Notre DameBrs Indiv
2011-8Br George Klawitter, CSCUrsuline Col, PepPk,OHInner Life of Fr Charles O'Donnell: Let His Poetry SpeakPrs Indiv
2012-1Fr James Connelly, CSCUniv Portland, ORArchbishop Christie's Univ; Notre Dame of NorthwestInstitution
2012-26Fr Robert Nogosek, CSCUniv Portland, ORHoly Cross Ministry in Coachella Valley: 1973-2010Prs Min
2012-3Paul Myers, PhDUniv Portland, ORHistory of Student Health Services at Univ of PortlandInstitution
2012-4Br George Klawitter, CSCUniv Portland, ORBr Flavian Laplante, Apostle of the FishermenBrs Indiv
2012-5Br Donald Stabrowski, CSCUniv Portland, ORHoly Cross Brothers at the Univ of PortlandBrs Min
2012-6Ms Jessie EmbryUniv Portland, ORTraining Nurses in Utah: St. Mary's of Wasatch CollegeSrs Min
2013-1Sr Clarita Bourque, MSCCenacle, New OrleansEffects of Katrina on Marianites' Prop and MinsSrs Min
2013-2Br John Doran, CSCCenacle, New Orleans"Edmundus" -- Br Edmund HuntBrs Indiv
2013-3Fr Paul LeBlanc, CSCCenacle, New OrleansFr Camille Lefvbre: What you can do with $8Prs Indiv
2013-4Sr Cecile Charette, CSCCenacle, New OrleansHoly Cross and Catholicism in the NorthRegions
2013-5Mr James SchmidtCenacle, New OrleansUniv of Notre Dame Student-Soldiers in the Civil WarSpec Topics
2013-6Br George Klawitter, CSCCenacle, New OrleansBr Theodulus: Reluctant Martyr in New OrleansBrs Indiv
2013-7Sr Rosemary Wessel, MSCCenacle, New OrleansSt. Agnes School: Jewel of Jefferson, LouisianaSrs Min
2013-8Fr Peter Logsdon, CSCCenacle, New OrleansFrom Texas to MexicoPrs Min
2013-9Brs Walt Gluhm&L.Stewart, cscCenacle, New OrleansHoly Cross Religious Survive KatrinaSpec Topics
2014-1Fr Marvin O'ConnellSt. Mary's, ND, INA Conversation with Marvin O'ConnellPrs Indiv
2014-2Sr Mary Mulligan, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INThe Mulligan family and Holy CrossSrs Indiv
2014-3Ms Marsha StevensonSt. Mary's, ND, INCongregation and Sancta Brigida Church in RomeSpec Topics
2014-4Br Raymond Papenfuss, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INCross-Cultural Experience; An African PerspectiveSpec Topics
2014-5Sr Maureen Grady, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INSister Maura Brannick, CSC -- Pioneer and BuilderSrs Indiv
2014-6Ms Laura HaigwoodSt. Mary's, ND, INStudents in Archives: Beneficial CollaborationSpec Topics
2014-7Mrs Barbara ZiliakSt. Mary's, ND, INMake Music to My God While I LiveSpec Topics
2014-8Br George Klawitter, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INBrother Francis Xavier Patois: Carpenter-MorticianBrs Indiv
2014-9Sr Cecile Charette, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INMother M Maximillienne: Educator, Historian, LeaderSrs Indiv
2014-10Sr. Margaret Shields, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, INLove Relationship between CSC and SMRA SistersSrs Min
2014-11Fr Robert Pelton, CSCSt. Mary's, ND, IN1961 Call to Latin America: Chilean H.C. ResponsePrs Min
2015-1Fr James Connelly, CSCStonehill Coll, MAHospital Ministry of Women of Holy CrossSrs Min
2015-2Fr Chris Kuhn, CSCStonehill Coll, MAFather Amby Wheeler: 63 yrs of Ministry on 3 ContinentsPrs Indiv
2015-3Sr Cecile Charette, CSCStonehill Coll, MASr Juliette LeBlanc, Educator: par ExcellenceSrs Indiv
2015-4Fr Robert Pelton, CSCStonehill Coll, MAArchbishop Mark McGrathPrs Indiv
2015-5Br Frank Ellis, CSCStonehill, Coll, MACoadjutor Brothers: 1946 to 1986Brs Indiv
2015-6Fr William Blum, CSCStonehill Coll, MAHoly Cross in East Africa FormationPrs Min
2015-7Br George Klawitter, CSCStonehill Coll, MABr Lawrence Menage: Businessman-FarmerBrs Indiv
2015-8Sr Margaret Shields, CSCStonehill Coll, MASr Francelia Magee: InnovatorSrs Indiv
2015-9Br John Doran, CSCStonehill Coll, MAReflections on Life of Br Gerald ComeauBrs Indiv
2016-1Fr James Connelly, CSCSan Antonio, TXHistory of the Congregation of Holy CrossPrs Brss
2016-2Br George Klaswitter, CSCSan Antonio, TXAlexis Dominic Grager: Sorin's Softer SelfPrs Indiv
2016-4Fr Chris Kuhn, CSCSan Antonio, TXA History of the Holy Cross Mission BandPrs Min
2016-5Br Frank Ellis, CSCSan Antonio, TX1945 General Chapter Congregation of Holy Cross Allocation of AssetsHistory
2016-6Joseph J TobinSan Antonio, TXBr Harold Ruplinger, CSCBrs Indiv
2016-7Marion T CaseySan Antonio, TXThe Minims of Notre Dame 1842-1929Institution
2016-8Br Thomas More Beere, CSCSan Antonio, TXUS Brothers in Bengal: 1853-2003Brs Min
2016-9Fr James Connelly, CSCSan Antonio, TXA History of the Brothers and Sisters of Holy CrossPrs
2017-1Fr. Leo R Ward, CSCHoly Cross Coll, ND,INA Univerity in Spite of EverythingPrs Indiv
2017-2Hugh O'DonnellHoly Cross Coll, ND,INFr Sorin, Book of Revelation Tabernacle, ND Basilica DesignInstitution
2017-3Marsha StevensonHoly Cross Coll, ND,INMoreau and Pelletier: Points of IntersectionPrs Indiv
2017-4Wm Kevin CawleyHoly Cross Coll, ND,INNotre Dame ArchivesHistory
2017-5Br George Klaswitter, CSCHoly Cross Coll, ND,INJacques Dujarié and Amédée du RoscoätBrs Min
2017-6Joseph TobinHoly Cross Coll, ND,INBr Bernard Adam Klim, CSCBrs Indiv
2017-7Br Frank Ellis, CSCHoly Cross Coll, ND,INThe Western Quarter of Section 36 in Clay Township, St. Joseph County INHistory
2017-8Lisa LoughranHoly Cross Coll, ND,INThe Novitiate Class of 1871Prs Min
2018-1Br Lawrence Stewart, CSCHoly Cross Coll, ND,INHoly Cross Mission to AmericaHistory
2018-2Colin CrawfordHoly Cross Coll, ND,INFr. Louis Baroux in Michiana Prs Indiv
2018-3Marion CaseyHoly Cross Coll, ND,INManual Training School: Publication pendingInstitution
2018-4Fr Douglas Smith, CSCHoly Cross Coll, ND,INFr. William Luers, CSC, and Civil Rights Prs Indiv
2018-5Sr. Frances O’Connor CSCHoly Cross Coll, ND,INEducating Bengali Women Prs Indiv
2018-6Lisa Loughran Holy Cross Coll, ND,INThe Lauths, Family on a Mission Prs Min
2018-7Fr. David Burrell, CSC Holy Cross Coll, ND,INFr. John Zahm, CSC: Explorer Prs Indiv
------------------------Additional Papers:--------------------------------------------------------------------
1986-add1Br John Paige, CSCnot presentedIdentity of Religious Brother in Holy Cross; historical persp.History
1986-add2Sr Mary Kay Kingberger, CSCnot presentedLeadership Style of Basil MoreauHistory
1989-add4Br Franklin Cullen, CSCnot presentedHoly Cross in Iowa; Five Institutions, 1844-1977Institution
1990-add4Br Franklin Cullen, CSCnot presentedHoly Cross on the Bayou Teche, New Iberia, LA, 1872-1874Institution
1990-add5Br Franklin Cullen, CSCnot presentedHoly Cross in Missouri: 1872-1874History
1990-add6Br Franklin Cullen, CSCnot presentedHoly Cross on the Ranch, Bedford, TX, 1956-1958Institution
1991-add7Br Franklin Cullen, CSCnot presentedHoly Cross on the Wabash, Lafayette, IN,Institution
1991-add8Br William Dunn, CSCnot presentedHoly Cross at St. Mary's College, Galveston, TXInstitution
1993-add9Br Franklin Cullen, CSCnot presentedManual Labor School at Notre Dame, 1844-1917Institution
2000-add10Br Donald Stabrowski, CSCnot presentedHoly Cross Comes to Holy Trinity, 1893-1910Brs/Prs Min
2007-add11Fr Richard Gribble, CSCnot presentedVincent McCauley, CSC; Missionary in E Bengal:1936-1944Prs Indiv
2010-add12Br George Klawitter, CSCpres: June 18, 2010Reflections on Br Andre' Bessette: How 'Holy Cross' was he?Brs Indiv